No one wants to believe that their business model is obsolete. And yet there are over 10,000 startups working to do just that to your business. We bring new thinking, a collaborative spirit, and a proven, multifaceted approach to transform your future business. 



Change your perspective, look with new eyes to what has changed and/or needs to change in your environment and what your company wants to do or could do about it.

By changing the way you think, you expand viable future business growth opportunities. We help you go beyond the obvious to more rewarding possibilities by:

  1. Analyzing and determining how the current company culture, beliefs & values, business & operating model impacts future growth

  2. Assessing the leadership team motivations for disruption and business model innovation

  3. Defining and reframing the whole future ecosystem for the company and/or categories or brands

  4. Scoping relevant disruption areas and scope for collaborative work within the re-defined ecosystem.


If you want better outcomes to your innovation process, you must change the way you work. With fresh new thinking, we establish a new way of collaborative working so that people in your company truly realize that change is both necessary and success attainable.

We help you make the new thinking actionable by:

  1. Setting-up the team(s) that integrate internal and external talent and expertise

  2. Identifying and mapping out business transformation opportunities related to the reframed future ecosystem & selecting priority opportunities

  3. Leveraging selected opportunities into innovative business strategies, models and brand ecosystems

  4. Engaging swiftly the top management and dedicated project teams into execution iterations and proof of concept


Once the team has gone through changing both its way of thinking and working, it becomes clearer which new building blocks from the redefined ecosystem are critical to your company’s future strategic opportunities, as well as identifying the types of established companies or startups that might be shaping that future.

Experimenting with new models requires a multifaceted approach, with new KPI metrics, new value propositions, and operational flexibility. We help guide you in this journey by:

  1. Identifying relevant startups to incubate, accelerate or acquire that fit your redefined ecosystem/disruption opportunity framework

  2. Incubating and accelerating concurrently the most promising business transformation ideas/projects determined by the team either for you or in collaboration with your existing teams

  3. Managing an investment portfolio according to your time horizon, risk profile and transformation strategy


As success is proven and the performance threshold you have defined is reached, the biggest reward comes from the ability to scale the most promising new ventures into steady, incremental new revenue streams and sustainable business models.

We help you achieve and secure actual transformation by:

  1. Defining and implementing the required activities and migration framework for scaling-up: next round funding, stand-alone or integration business scenarios

  2. Formally ensuring proper and effective handover to future management team(s) once readiness is confirmed and required resources allocated